The founder of JP MAROU LLC, Nneka J. Penniston, was born in the isles of Trinidad and Tobago. It was in April of 1996 when she moved to Brooklyn, New York. There, under the tutelage of her grandmother, Nneka took health, fitness, and most importantly fashion, very seriously. The intention of one day owning a brand of wearable, comfortable, fashionable fitness clothing for women, took shape.

Over the next decade, her community of friends met in the most curious and interesting corners of New York and began to help her see her vision more clearly. Dance classes in Brazilian samba, weekly rodas(circular formation of participants) in capoeira, yoga lessons, tennis matches, running events, and jump rope meets all presented this eclectic group of women with the same problem; what to wear when working out!

In 2022, after a life-changing trip to Rio de Janeiro for Brazil’s first post-pandemic Carnaval, Nneka found a solution. Her community of powerful women needed activewear that was as strong and dynamic as they were. Clothing that would enhance their movements, adding music and percussion to their health and wellness activities. JP MAROU was born.

The mission is simple, to ignite the fire within all women to move and feel their very best. JP Marou’s impassioned dancer, the brand’s logo since its inception, invites all women to exude their natural fire, strength, and wisdom while enjoying the process of becoming better, stronger, more alive versions of themselves.

She hopes you enjoy the colors and the many styling options, and welcomes you to JP Marou!